Update on my situation

A family member called cps on me as well as a third party whom I can’t identify right now. They made horrible accusations that prompted an open investigation and the possibility that my daughter will be taken from me. They did this to get to my parents, used Kaydynce and I as pawns basically. I know that the chance of her being taken are slim but i am still worried to death. The worker did say that she does want to help me with things like getting me a car, funds for school and other things. I do not trust the state being as i went through the system in high school but, i do know that the help is much needed. I am still struggling right now. Without a phone and no money to get one is a setback as well. When it rains, its actually hurricane season in my life. Send Kaydynce and myself as much positive vibes as humanly possible.

XoXo Goldie

Also I am in an emergency situation with my 3 year old daughter.

Does anyone that follows me live in the Boston area that would be willing to put us up for about a month while I get a job ( I may have one beforehand.) I need to get away from my toxic family. This won’t be until after September 10. Please help us out. I will have money from my land so I can help out with a bill or two. I am so homesick and know that I will be able to give Kaydy a good life in Boston.